This is a question we get asked quite often and for good reason. Choosing an instrument is integral to a students success. Here is our take!

The first answer I give when talking to parents is this:

Whatever instrument inspired the potential student to begin studying is the best choice.

Easy! If a student falls in love with the violin, choose the violin! Trumpet? That’s the one! Kazoo? You get the point.

There is a long standing school of thought that the piano is the ideal first instrument. And it is, except when it isn’t. Any teacher worth their weight in pie will provide the foundation needed for a student to succeed at any level going forward, regardless of the instrument. Luckily, we have the best instructors around.

BUT . . . . what if a student has interest or a parent wants to get their youngster going and they don’t know which is the best choice? Ah, this is also an easy answer!


Drums (or more broadly percussion) is the best way to get started in music. I would even suggest it is the best option even if another instrument is already in focus. Why? Well, drums/percussion focus exclusively on rhythm. And rhythm is the most fundamental aspect of all music. No matter what instrument one plays it won’t sound like music if the rhythm is off. So studying drums/percussion early helps to build a foundation for future study on other instruments. Or, the student may find themselves enamored by the wide range of instruments in the extended percussion family. For example . . . . the PIANO! Bet you didn’t see that coming.

And finally, drums/percussion is the most affordable instrument to get started with. Below is an example of a basic set up to get the student started:

Drop us a line to get signed up for drums or any other instruments we offer. You can’t go wrong choosing to get started with music, no matter the instrument. And you can’t beat Orion Music Studio for the highest quality in music instruction.

Nick Schillace

Orion Music Studio